Graphics Dump

Hey y'all. I'm dumping on some of the graphics I've produced for the student newspapers the last two issues or so. This isn't all of it, just a taste. We're almost done finalizing the new Flag for the consolidated paper, so sadly I can't post all that stuff. Hence this stopgap post. Enjoy.

Pools: Graphic about how many 12 fl oz soda cans it would take to
fill up a new set of pools at Miami Dade College North Campus'
new Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Tracking the Trail: Map showing the route that the DREAMers covered 
as of June 14, 2010. Part of recurring Trail of Dreams coverage.

MEEC: Map showing the location of Miami Dade College's North Campus in 
relation to it's community outreach center: The Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial
Education Center—MEEC.

Renovations: Graphic showing the location of the Lehman Theatre inside the William Pawley Center, the cost of renovation, and the estimated daily cost of the renovation.
Map Attack: A 17 x 22 inch full-color map of Miami Dade College's North Campus.; better quality version here.


Sketch Dump

Cheers everyone. I hope you're glad to discover I've still got a pulse. I've neglected this blog due the fact that I haven't had much time to draw, as I've been involved with two of the student newspapers at Miami Dade College—the Metropolis and The Falcon Times (web version).

The College's three papers are being consolidated into one publication, so some cool stuff will be produced in the coming weeks.

I'm at New World now, after a year of not going to art school. It should be fun.

I've been drawing a lot more, or at least trying to, so I'm going to try to post some sketches weekly. Don't get your hopes up, they won't be as epic as this one.


Some more Old Stuff

Here's some more old stuff from last summer. Letting it go in bits and pieces. This project might still be under NDA, so I give no details.